• 2016 Photography Biennale of Tianshui

    Opening: 2016.06.18, 9am

    Duration: 2016.06.18 - 06.24
    Venue: Tianshui Changkong Factory, No.11 Nanguo Rd, Qinzhou district, Tianshui City, Gansu Province

    Once upon a time there was a Silk Road, maybe many Silk Roads but all of them were about exchange, not domination nor conquest, but encounters, sharing, meeting the foreign. Today, in these times of turmoil, we are trying to open up the eyes and minds of people foreign to one another but all needing desperately a Silk Road. Photography is suited for this purpose, it looks real, but is it ? It does not need any language, often a barrier also crossed by the Silk Road. If you can follow the path traced by the artists shown here, you will definitely gather an understanding, not a knowledge confined and restricted, but a broad view opened up by all the variety of nations and cultures represented by the authors and their subjects.

    The only restriction brought by this festival is due to the time constrain. This venue was announced on March 9th, so just three months to select thirty two artists, organize ten residencies, rebuilt four factory buildings, print more than a thousand photos, frame them, write and publish catalog.

    Of course this is only possible because of friendships, connections and internet, but it is only possible because of the concern and dedication of the Tianshui people, the Artists Association and city government.

    I have also to thank some people specifically:
    Huang Yunhe and all the staff from OFOTO Gallery, 
    with special thanks to:
    Du Rong
    Gucang Museum: Wang Xiye, Xu Xu
    City of Tianshui Wang Zhengmao, Wang Jingwen
    and last but not least Wei Shuyi

    Alain Jullien

    Chief Curator