• Elspeth Diederix Photography Exhibition
    Opening: 2017.12.02 / 16:00 - 18:00
    Duration: 2017.12.02 - 2018.01.19 / 10:00 - 18:00
    Venue: OFOTO Gallery. 2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai

    OFOTO Gallery, in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is pleased to present “Elspeth Diederix Photography Exhibition”, a solo exhibition that brings for the first time the work of Elspeth Diederix, as part of the “Dutch Artists in Shanghai No.6”. Initiated by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai, the “Dutch Artists in Shanghai” series, first launched in September 2016, is an on-going program to introduce and promote both established and emerging Dutch visual artists from various disciplines to the Shanghai public.

    “My work is leaning towards a crossover between painting and photography whereas before it sometimes seemed more of a blending between sculpture and photography. Instead of interfering with the actual landscape my work focuses more on light, colour and composition, especially with the underwater work where colour plays such an important role. Underwater the representation of colour is still somewhat undefined as it can go in any direction without seeming unnatural. I love working on the photographs postproduction where it feels like I can paint the image.


    Underwater you become aware of the phenomenon of color which you normally take for granted. The deeper you go underwater more colours start to disappear. The first color that disappears is red, and then slowly you lose the other colours too.


    What I also find fascinating is how a color underwater can envelop you. In the Red Sea for example you can jump into the water and be surrounded by blue, you find yourself inside a color and you have no references to anything you know. With the motion of the water you feel like you are becoming a part of the water. It is such an abstract place to be.”


    ——Elspeth Diederix