• The Dust of Homeland - Bai Dongquan Solo Exhibition

    Opening: 2021.9.25 / 16:00 - 18:00

    Duration: 2021.9.25-11.07 / 10:00-18:00 Daily Open

    Venue: OFOTO Gallery, 2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai

    The Dust of Homeland

    Bai Dongquan was born and lives in the loess plateau of Yanan. Perhaps , it is the great inner power developing from the maternal culture that makes him devote himself to photography for 35 years . Hes a photographer with compassion and idealization at the same time . He uses the empathy in his mind to unveil the semblance of mediocrity in daily life and let those inner emotions which are trapped deep inside the heart release , in order to complete the spiritual remolding of self . 

    Homeland ” is a spiritual lookout and reverse feeding , using images to shuttle between reality and unreality: dreamlike meditation , poetic gaze and questioning and exploring from various angles. The relationship between the existence of individuals and homeland, then has a deeper meaning . The inner world of Bai Dongquan in Homeland ” transcends real world,. He tries to resist loneliness with the sound of shutter , fix memories with images , and explore meanings with the fragments of time . All the elements in the photos come from his obsession and nostalgia for this land . Ingenious recording and casual interception make the seemingly ordinary scenes establish a new context .  In the world of photographyhe is free , and also affectionate . Just as he said I bid farewell for the world with photography , but Im also reluctant to part with my homeland ! ” 


      “Under the Pagoda Mountain ” is a series of earlier works . Its a collision of personal experience and public vision , or its a re-questioning . It captures the social and humanistic scenes under various beliefs of the Times , and also completes the emotional expressions of self life through the humble people and objects . This sincere shooting method of daily life that uses low angles and new dimensions , will surely become a part of the historical photo pedigree and reveal its own unique value .