Red Square
by Christopher Taylor

Red Square is the extension of a project started in 2003 on the colonial architecture of Bombay and Calcutta in India. These cities were already known to me, and Calcutta in particular initially struck me by a resemblance to London. Both were, by and large, founded by the British and shaped in their image as symbols of power. Bombay was the centre of commerce, while Calcutta the colonial capital (until 1911) and second city of the empire. I wanted to explore the legacy of colonial rule and how it haunts the present - especially since this is a part of my own cultural heritage. For my orignal project, I decided to concentrate on photographing interiors, and the buildings that interested me were largely administrative, most still functioning in a system hardly changed since British rule. An exhibition of these photographs in Calcutta in 2005 (later that year shown at the Lianzhou photo festival) led to an invitation by a Bengali writer to work together on a book about the centre of Calcutta - it"s current appearance in relation to a history of epic proportions. The images presented here represent a small selection of the photographs prepared for the book.

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