Daniele Dainelli
by Daniele Dainelli
I’ve been working on this project since two years and, imposing myself monthly deadlines, here I am on my 16th trip into the Chinese countryside.

In this historical time rich in change and transformation, the Chinese countryside is being progressively abandoned. This change is radical, relentless and epic in its genre. It somehow represents the path of humanity in recent history, which left rural life and jobs in favor of a pushed upon urbanization.

In my indoor pictures, I"m trying to give a tangible sensation, like it was possible to touch the objects, to feel the textures, the essence and the heart of things.

Since the very beginning I was intensely drawn to the objects I found inside places: clothes, items grouped together or isolated from the others, hanging on walls like they’ve been there for centuries or those with no value at all other than the function they continue to perform.

I’m fascinated by the “archeological” aspect of the above mentioned objects and the theme of the “passing of time” to the point that I started collecting things and carefully keep them to preserve them exactly they were when I bought them.

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